dave rideau
"...We Wanted the best. So, we got Dave..." j.bostick
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IT'S NOT SO EASY | The Rideau Remix
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For this undertaking we wanted someone on the cutting edge, A leader in Urban, Adult R&B and Contemporary Jazz but also with roots in traditional jazz. This eclectic blend of qualifications is rare. We wanted the best. So, we got Dave. The Rideau remix is a classy, intelligent rethink of IT’S NOT SO EASY. Dave was tasked with taking the 2002 tracks and giving them a sonic refresh. Make them competitive in a market that has morphed and matured since the 2003 release.
Since the 2003 release of IT’S NOT SO EASY a lot has changed in the music entertainment and consumer technology sector. When comparing IT’S NOT SO EASY with other R&B and contemporary jazz recordings, the project is musically and technologically spot on!

We wanted to leverage the latest mixing and engineering advancements, new media entertainment devices like the iPhone, iPad, social networking and the ability to shop anywhere at anytime to our advantage. Online shopping is mainstream; there is a new tech savvy, sophisticated consumer that did not exist in 2003. IT’S NOT SO EASY was designed for this exciting and evolving era in consumer entertainment.

To refresh the project was going to require careful planning and analysis of the music and performances. You could not just slap auto-tune on a vocal and call it 'a done deal'. The vocal performances are strong and do not lend themselves to trendy gimmicks, sound effects or run of the mill processing to make them sound modern.
  The compositions, vocal performances and musicianship are excellent and remain intact. However, advances in software, audio processing and other digital techniques allowed for new drums, subtle auto-tuned vocals, tempo shifts and other complex processes to be applied to the music. This was done with great care and taste to not degrade the quality of the music by making it sound contrived or artificial. Great performances from featured guests Ali Woodson, Jean Carn, Gary Bartz, and Denise Stewart make this project timeless and classic.

Guitars, production and arrangements are by Juewett Bostick with vocal selections co-produced by Norman Connors. Slick arrangements, outstanding performances and a seasoned group of great musicians launch the CD from opening track, Precious Love straight through to the instrumental groover TLG.

The Rideau Remix up’s the bar for Adult Urban, R&B, Contemporary Jazz recordings. It’s funky, hard hitting, but classy and sophisticated.
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