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The Rideau remix is a classy, intelligent rethink of ITíS NOT SO EASY. Dave was tasked with taking the 2002 tracks and giving them a sonic make over. To make them competitive in a market that has matured and morphed since the 2003 release. The songs, vocal performances and musicianship are excellent and remain intact. However, advances in software audio processing and other digital techniques allowed for new drums, auto-tune vocals, tempo shifts and other complex mixing processes to be applied to the music. This was done with great care and taste to not degrade the quality of the music by making it sound contrived or artificial.

Great performances from featured guests Ali Woodson, Jean Carn, Gary Bartz, Denise Stewart and Norman Connors make this project timeless. Guitar, production and arrangements are by Bostick with vocal selections co-produced by Connors.

"...Stewart delivers a great midtempo groover in the form of “It’s Not So Easy” which is co-produced by Norman Connors. The voice of this Lady can be heard distinctly within the jazzy arrangement of “Elsi n’ Me"...B.Towler

Slick arrangements, outstanding performances and a seasoned group of great musicians launch the CD from opening track, Precious Love, featuring Denise Stewart straight through to the instrumental groover TLG, featuring Art Webb.