Our main man in Germany, Martin Tazl, continues to crank out killer designs that turn heads and provide our jazzy, funky image.

iPhone Wallpapers

Our man in Germany, Martin Tazl, created a stunning collection of computer wallpapers for each track on IT'S NOT SO EASY. We tweaked our favorites for the iPhone and have them here to download


On this side of the Atlantic, graphic artist Cory Bauer used the CD-ROM images as his starting point to create a set of desktop wallpapers. Again we picked our favorites, tweaked them for the iPhone and provide them in a deluxe bundle. Grab the iPhone wallpapers from Martin Tazl and Cory Bauer. Download

Download ORANGEFLOW. We pulled a couple of our favorite pages to give you a sample!

ORANGEFLOW is TAZL's creative lifestyle and design magazine. It's rich with his unique style and perspective. CREATIVE EXCELLENCE!!



JLY 2010 | >> UPDATE
posted by JUEWETT

In November of 2009 we reignited our partnership with our retail partner KES Music and video Distribution. We re-released ITS NOT SO EASY music CD Interactive CD-ROM bundle in April and in July the Dave Rideau remixes. Weve put together a few pages to tell our story and introduce you to all of our new offerings for 2010.
The Album | The CD-ROM | The Essay | The Rideau Remix

MAR 2010 >> UPDATE
posted by JUEWETT

Nutbutton Inc. in collaboration with K.E.S Music & Video Distribution is excited to announce the re-release of IT’S NOT SO EASY Street date April 20th , 2010!

JUN 2006| >> UPDATE
posted by JUEWETT

One word: PODCASTS! Available NOW, Use the RSS link. Also visit the PodLounge for our podcast and other informative and entertaining content. The PodLounge home page. Great interview at ProArtist interview page. Lastly special shouts to our friends on the European continent: Edgard Costa (Isabela pictured in T-shirt) from GavezDois and our man in Germany Martin Tazl.. We owe these individuals special recognition for the innovative and creative work in their respective artistic disciplines. Edgard of GavezDois special mix of Elsi N' Me and the vocal mix of IT'S NOT SO EASY. Next, Martin continues to shock and amaze us with his graphic design work. See his latest newsletter.

Isabela Subscribe to PodCast RSS Page
First in the series is a 2 part interview by WAPL 105.7 fm air-personality Scott Stevens.

OCT 2005 | >> UPDATE
posted by JUEWETT

How can we prove we have not gone to sleep and forgotten to bring you up to speed on all of the news that has occurred from 2004 to present. Here's the proof, we have plenty to show and tell you!

You Need Love - EP
Elsi N' Me - Single
It's Not So Easy (Digital Version) - EP

The single EP releases, YOU NEED LOVE, ELSI N' ME and the latest release IT'S NOT SO EASY, Aug 14th 05,are available for purchase from iTunes, Napster, MSN, MusicMatch and other online services. These EP releases contain bonus mixes that are NOT on the music CD. Click the iTunes link to download the EP singles.

MARCH 17th 2004
posted by JUEWETT

There have been lots of developments since our last update. So here are the headlines:
-YOU NEED LOVE featuring Ali Woodson released to US. radio the week of March 8th. The CD single includes the full CD mix, an instrumental mix, vocal only mix plus Kellies' Theme.
- All About Jazz writer by Ollie Bivins has published a powerful review of the CD read the review and view other press media about the project here.
IT’S NOT SO EASY radio promotions continues to be handled by Street Pace Entertainment, publicity by Craig Melone of Hands On PR and distribution by KES Distribution.
- Dr. Graham of WZKS FM-104.1 in Merdian Mississippi (2:00PM - 700PM weekdays) will be giving away copies of IT'S NOT SO EASY. Dial him in to win a copy. We plan to make sure Dr. has lots of extra stuff for you!!!

JANUARY 9th 2004 | >> UPDATE
posted by TAZL

Why I really think Bostick will succeed
Maybe it´s a bit unusual to see me writing about Juewett and his music. Readers might think "OK, Tazl did the limpbizkit and Bostick designs and he tries to support his clients by writing some lines ..." No, creep, that´s not it!
I do support Bostick whenever I can. Not only in designing his stuff, but especially in playing his album at my home. Every friend and every visitor gets to listen to his album because I "force" them to listen when they visit me: I put the CD in and after three songs I always say to them: "By the way, this is Bostick, the guy from L.A."

And I love that way to bring my friends to the music of Juewett. I always get a respectful "Wow ... THIS is Bostick? Cool!" I heard various statements comparing his music with some kind of "I thought it´s INCOGNITO, Grover Washington or so ..." What better compliment for an "old newcomer" can be said?
I personally believe in Bostick and I believe in his music. Why? Because I feel his authenticity and his quality flowing over the big sea into my brain and heart. He know what he does and he speaks an un comparable speech which is being understood in nearly every land on this drama planet: The speech of L-O-V-E.

is speech is authentically and comes from a true heart, combined with his experience and quality requirements in doing really f***ing cool music.
This is the reason why he will succeed and enter the market.
Bostick calls his album “It´s not so easy” ... But I say: It WILL be easy for him, because his music is right!
My best wishes for 2004 to all Bostick fans - see ya in the new year with more cool Bostick stuff online!

Greetings, TAZL

posted by JUEWETT

IT’S NOT SO EASY made its US retail debut November 11th. KES Distribution distributes the project. Radio promotions handled by Street Pace Entertainment, publicity by Craig Melone of Hands On PR and Strategic planning by Payne Artist Management.

posted by JUEWETT

Connoisseurs of quality soul and R&B music need to pay a visit to www.SOULTRACKS.com The site's webmaster, Chris Rizik, has written a glowing review of the music CD and CD-ROM.
"…It is easy to recommend It's Not So Easy as a great listen. Perhaps equally importantly, it is a glimpse at the power of technology to enhance and deepen the musical experience, well beyond that to which Soul Music fans are accustomed". - Chris Rizik Read the complete review

Our appreciation to Chris and SoulTracks for their support!

posted by JUEWETT

The soul of Holland, Back to Old School, has powered up and is providing winning listeners on their radio show with copies of IT'S NOT SO EASY. Back To The Old School is a weekly radio show featuring (new) tracks, classic soul and smooth grooves. The show is broadcast ed on monday morning from 01.00 till 03.00 AM (standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour). All shows stay available on Real Audio.http://www.oldschool.nl

Holland is joining the Bostick Project from this weekend on (october 12th) in full motion on Dutch National Radio 2 & on the internet. On the weekly classic soul radio show Back To The Old School, hosted by Jeffrey Willems, who aired the new album It's Not So Easy a couple of weeks ago for the first time in the Netherlands. Right now there is a competition going on to win special Bostick Packages CD & CD-ROM of the album. Reactions of the public to the new album were very positive. Bostick's album is one of the few new soul albums featured on the show.

~ Thank You Jeffery Willems !!

posted by JUEWETT

The newsstand issue of Soul Express is on newsstands in Finland and the UK.. This issue contains the CD review and interview conducted by acclaimed writer and music journalist Barry Towler. Barry and the whole posse at Soul Express have been strong supporters. Here are some links to their site so you can see exactly what's happening with the project at Soul Express We strongly recommend ordering a copy of this issue.it's packed with great CD reviews and artist interviews. Impromp2, jon Lucien the Spinners and more! The Soul Express posse is rockin'

posted by JUEWETT

The soul of Denmark, SoulPortal.dk has published a killer interview. Frank Ryle's intelligent piece scores real well with with us. His thoughtful questions illuminate the inner workings of IT'S NOT SO EASY and expose the story behind the project. Click here to read. Our thanks to Frank and the staff of SoulPortal!!

posted by JUEWETT

Writing for SoulPortal.dk, the Jazz, soul, R&B web site of Denmark, journalist Frank Ryle shares his views on IT'S NOT SO EASY. Keep our site book-marked for an English translation of Frank's review. Our sincere thanks to Frank for his glowing review. See what Frank has to say!!

posted by JUEWETT

Barry Towler reviews the CD and Interactive CD-ROM for Soul Express along with editor Ismo Tenkanen. We extend our sincere thanks to both for their effort! Make sure you visit Soul Express's QUALITY TIME weekly feature.

Thanks to all for their support

JUNE - 21| >> UPDATE
posted by JUEWETT

Greetings to everyone and many thanks to Master T. for getting things up and running with a bang!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone soon!

Greetings from Los Angeles, USA.

JUEWETT BOSTICK (a fan of Martin Tazl)

posted by TAZL

Greetings to everyone who is interested in the music and creative work of Juewett Bostick!
We are proud to present you the next web site update. You can find info, music and pictures and details about the artists who perform on Bostick´s Album "It´s Not So Easy".
Don´t forget to check the desktop screen area!

Within the next days the owner of that site, Juewett Bostick himself, will update this news page.

If you want to get the latest news into your mailbox, please subscribe to the BOSTICK NEWSLETTER ...

Greetings from Germany,

MARTIN TAZL, Bostick´s Creative Consultant

  Soul Tracks
Connoisseurs of quality soul and R&B music should pay a visit to Chris Rizik's www.SOULTRACKS.com Chris, the site's webmaster, has written a glowing review of our music CD and CD-ROM.
Nov. 14-2004 Award for Best Jazz Band and or Group Los Angeles Black Music Awards

WMGL FM-101.7 air personality T.K Jones. Mon - Thurs 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Listeners to WMGL FM-101.7 in North Charleston, South Carolina will be able to win copies of IT'S NOT SO EASYfrom air personality T.k Jones. Dial her in Mon.-Thurs.10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Dr. Graham & WZKS FM-104.1

WZKS FM-104.1 in Merdian Mississippi is fortunate to have Dr. Graham on the airwaves weekdays from 2:00PM until 7:00PM. Dr. will be making it easy for you to get IT'S NOT SO EASY. Stay tuned for the on air giveaways! Our sincere thanks to Dr. Graham and WZKS!!

IT’S NOT SO EASY is the hard work of many talented and passionate musicians, vocalist and artists. All of us, Norman, Ali, Jean, Denise, Gary, Welton, and myself wish to extend our appreciation for your support of our hard work. The music in the project speaks of relationships and we look forward to working with you and your listening community to make 2004 a great year!

Thank You for supporting our music!

  URBAN NETWORK Magazine reviews IT’S NOT SO EASY in the March issue on newsstand now! Our thanks to Urban Network and the staff for the glowing review.

  Music lovers in the Canary Islands, Spain get a healthy dose of IT’S NOT SO EASY by way of our man JULIO. SOUL CALL, Julio's show features R&B, Soul and HIP HOP. Here we see Julio at the controls. Our sincere Thanks for his support!  
Joe Kelley demonstrating he has more than great taste in music! Joe and Gi are featuring
Soul Express newsstand ISSUE 3/2003
  Welton Gite snapped this with his
Fuji S5000 digital camera Sept 7th