Technology reshaped the entertainment experience throughout the preceding two decades. The HiFi stereo was replaced by MTV, BET and VH-1, which bowed to multimedia computers, the Internet and You-TUBE that morphed into video iPods, the iPad, iPhoneís and other handheld multimedia devices. These advancements have challenged musicians to push their work beyond an auditory experience.

Musicians and artists must develop the expertise and learn the tools to create compelling and exciting entertainment products for devices that once existed only in sci-fi movies. It is in this spirit that ITíS NOT SO EASY was conceptualized and created. At the core, the music is soulful R&B and contemporary Jazz. Great singers, musicians, visual artists and technologist have all come together to create a groundbreaking product that sets a new standard for music entertainment.

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The Interactive CD-ROM is a value added disc of multimedia content. Think album liner notes from the days of vinyl, re-introduced to the 21st century. The disc contains bios of the musicians, interviews with the writers, vocalist and videos from the recording sessions. It’s an eloquent marriage of art and technology that complements and enhances the music experience.


Juewett Bostick, pronounced Ju-wet, and affectionately called ĎJUí by family and close friends is a guitarist / technologist with an eclectic mix of traditional music skills and 21st century computer savvy. His affinity for the arts and technology evolved through his professional association with such Jazz and R&B veterans as Norman Connors, Grover Washington, Bobby Brown, Vanessa Williams, Barry White, Gary Bartz, The Temptations, Sister Sledge, Hubert Laws, Nancy Wilson, Norman Brown, Thelma Houston, Tisha Campbell and Eartha Kitt, to mention a few. As one that is always forwarded thinking, Bostick anticipated and embraced the computer, Internet and online digital distribution paradigm shift.

While the entertainment industry struggled to define itself for the new millennium Bostick had developed the ideas and concepts that evolved into the Interactive CD-ROM in Itís Not So Easy. For this project Bostick invited long-time friend veteran producer Norman Connors to co-produce portions of the music CD. The music is a classy blend of funky contemporary jazz and soulful R&B vocals. Bostick has combined his jazzy guitar with the classic voice of Jean Carn, consummate R&B vocalist, Ali Woodson, and the extraordinary vocals of close friend Denise Stewart.

Slick arrangements, outstanding performances and a seasoned group of musicians set the pace from opening track, Precious Love straight through to TLG. Guest musicians include Gary Bartz, flutist Art Webb and bassist and fellow technologist Welton Gite. It’s Not So Easy marks a new era in consumer entertainment.

Bostick believes the consumer is ready for an intimate experience with their music. So, he innovatively bundled the music CD with an interactive CD-ROM. This value added disc is like album liner notes from the days of vinyl brought into the 21st century. This multimedia disc features bios of the musicians, interviews, with the writers, vocalist and videos from the recording sessions. It takes the user into the hearts and souls of the writers, musicians and vocalists during the musicís creation.

Bostickís vision of consumer entertainment is beyond that of his contemporaries. It’s Not So Easy, produced and arranged by guitarist / technologist Juewett Bostick. Experience the eloquent marriage of art and technology into a quality, entertaining product.

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